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Welcome to What Happened To Steam Q & A forums. Here you can post queries on locomotive data, respond to submitted queries and share with other members your findings with an objective to conclude outstanding mysteries which remain of the demise of steam across the United Kingdom.
Once investigations are validated then data on the What Happened To Steam website will be updated. Please note that this site is in the early stages and will continue to evolve to provide enhanced ways of sharing your information with other like minded steam enthusiasts.
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ClosedWHTS asked 2 years ago • 
307 views0 answers0 votes
44055, 90713 and 92177 on Crewe South
OpenBill Bridgens asked 2 years ago • 
677 views0 answers0 votes
31907 on 70A Nine Elms
OpenIan Lander asked 2 years ago • 
826 views0 answers0 votes
B1’s 61159 and 61325 at New Clee
OpenTony RailOnline asked 2 years ago • 
451 views0 answers1 votes
4098 Kidwelly Castle
OpenRoy Lawrance asked 2 years ago • 
879 views0 answers1 votes


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