B1’s 61159 and 61325 at New Clee

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WHTS – QueriesCategory: QuestionsB1’s 61159 and 61325 at New Clee
Tony RailOnline asked 2 years ago

At Rail-Online I sometimes get slides or negs with information that is different to currently known information. I acquired two slides marked up as ‘61159 dated Jan 5th 1965 at New Clee – awaiting scrapping’. The location has been confirmed as the siding behind the platform at New Clee. According to What Happened to Steam this B1 was scrapped well away from New Clee.  It is also shown a couple of weeks earlier with another B1 61325 also shown similarly as cut at Cashmore’s Great Bridge.  I have no reason to doubt the dates on the (original) slide mount but I assume the photographer is long gone. It certainly looks like a scrapyard in the views but this was a location new to me. Can anyone confirm this scrapyard existed and these B1’s were scrapped here?

The slides are available to view here https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p265322570/hb24376ae#hb24376ae or go to the Rail Online site and search on 61159.

Cheers Tony